Frequently Asked Questions

Can electric fencing connect to my armed response?

Yes, our electric fencing is compatible with most modern armed response systems, and we highly recommend connecting them. It is a once-off connection and fee, and there should be no additional monthly charges from your armed response company.

Do I require a compliance certificate?

Yes. All new installations will require a certificate of compliance for the electric fence installation. If you decide to sell your home, you will also require a compliance certificate for the electric fence on the transfer of the property.

Will my monthly electricity account increase?

No. An energiser used for the fencing uses very little power – about the same as your alarm system. The power that is used charges a 12V battery while the energiser manages the system.

Will electric fencing be harmful to my children?

No, the pulse is intermittent. If a child or adult touches the fence, the immediate reaction is pulling away after the initial shock.

Will electric fencing hurt my pets?

Cats can smell the magnetic field and do not normally approach the electric fence. Dogs will not normally touch a second time if they are shocked, but they will not be harmed if they do.

Is an electric fence a good deterrent for intruders?

Our electrified fencing is an excellent first line of defence, visually and as a fear factor. It is designed to keep unwanted people outside. Should it be cut or tampered with, the alarm will sound.

Is it necessary to connect the electrified fence to the alarm monitoring company?

No, but we highly recommend doing so.

Do branches and foliage have an effect on the fence?

If the fence is installed correctly, this will be the only maintenance that the fence will require. We strongly recommend keeping the trees cut back to prevent unnecessary alarm trips and damage to your energiser.

What sort of voltage is in the fence?

The maximum voltage allowed by law is 10,000 volts. The average setting is between 7,000 and 11,000 volts to allow for fluctuations. The voltage of the energiser does not determine the shock power of the fence. This power is measured in Joules, 2 being an entry-level energiser and designed for smaller properties and 8 being the maximum strength allowed in a residential area. These are typically complex but are becoming increasingly popular with residential houses.

Can criminals place something like a blanket or rubber mat on the electric fence to climb over it?

The design of our electric fences, which uses springs, means the wire will be shorted out when touching under pressure and will trigger the alarm.

What happens during a power failure?

A good battery has a 6-8 hour charge providing your fence with voltage for that period until the power is restored. It is important to replace your backup battery every two years, be it your gate motor, electric fence or alarm battery.

Do I only switch the fence on at night?

Your electric fence has been designed to be left on 24/7, providing you with permanent security. You would only switch your fence off when you want to cut back trees or foliage.