Electric Fence Installation to Secure Your Boundary

Our electric fences act as your initial safeguard, thwarting the attempts of intruders and opportunists aiming to infringe on your property’s sanctity. It is crucial to entrust electric fence installation to a trustworthy and reliable team that adheres to the latest SANS requirements. We use only superior standard materials to install electric fences with precision, ensuring optimal functionality. Upon completion, we issue a Certificate of Compliance to attest to the quality and safety of the installation.

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More About Our Installation Process

Electric fence installation is a meticulous process that involves several steps to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the fence. As seasoned professionals in residential and commercial installations, we can confidently say that while each installation is unique, they all follow a fundamental sequence.


The first step in the process is always planning. Our team uses this phase to establish a detailed assessment of the property’s layout, understand the fence’s purpose, and consider any relevant regulations. We also consider the terrain, as this can influence the type of materials used and the installation method.

Once the planning has been finalised, we prepare the area for the installation by removing anything that could interfere with the fence and render it ineffective. Once the area is prepared, we will proceed with the installation. After installation, we test the system using a specialised voltage tester to ensure the fence functions correctly and delivers the correct amount of electric shock. As every property has unique requirements, it is important to contact our professionals to receive a customised, safely installed solution.

Our electric fences not only bolster the security of your property but also enhance its value!

We Comply With All Installation Regulations

When acquiring a property equipped with an electric fence, it is crucial to confirm the presence of a legitimate Certificate of Compliance – a mandatory regulation under the national SANS framework. The Certificate of Compliance should bear the signature of an individual registered with the Department of Labour, complete with a valid registration number. This guarantees that your fence has undergone a thorough inspection and is in optimal working condition at the time the certificate was issued.

Upon finalising our installations, we provide a Certificate of Compliance to validate the superior quality and safety standards adhered to during our installation process.

How Is The Cost of Electric Fence Installation Determined?


The Size

The height of an electric fence is a key factor influencing its cost. Generally, fences of greater height are priced higher than those of shorter heights, primarily because they necessitate more materials, such as wires and fence brackets.


The Materials

The type of materials chosen plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of the fence. Sometimes, custom-made brackets are necessary to achieve optimal security or complement the architectural design. Alternatively, certain materials may be selected for durability, influencing the cost.


The Location

The installation process might occasionally require specialised skills due to site complications, subsequently increasing the cost. Uneven terrain, for instance, might necessitate a stepped fence, which increases the number of brackets needed.

Electric Fencing Protection During Loadshedding

Even during power outages, electric fencing continues to provide robust protection! Our fencing can be installed with backup battery systems to ensure that even when power cuts occur, your fencing still provides protection. The duration for which the fence can remain active during a power outage depends on the capacity of the backup battery system, though it is typically around 6 – 8 hours. Thus, despite power loss due to loadshedding, you can rest assured that your property will remain secured with an electric fence.

Ensure Safety With Professional Electric Fence Installations

Electric fencing is a formidable barrier, deterring potential intruders and safeguarding your property with high efficiency and reliability. Professionally installed electric fencing deters trespassers and provides an alert system for any breach attempts, ensuring that you are promptly informed of any security threats.

At Voltage Security, we offer nothing but the best when securing your property. We only use leading parts from reputable manufacturers for our electric fence installations. Our commitment to quality ensures that every component, from durable wires to robust fence posts and high-performance energisers, ensures reliability and longevity. Our professional electric fence installation services give you peace of mind knowing your property is well protected.