About Voltage Electric Fencing

It is unfortunate that the fruits of our labour, namely our homes, possessions and our families, are at risk even though we take the necessary precautions to keep our environment safe. With this sentiment, we stress the importance of ensuring that the security measures chosen to protect our loved ones and assets are of superior quality and come with exemplary recommendations.

How Can We Assist?


Comprehensive fencing installations.


Professional repairs and maintenance


Flawless upgrades to improve security.

Providing Electrified Fencing Since 2003

Voltage Electric Fencing was established in 2003 and has become the trusted name in security and electrified fencing, cemented by the truth in our slogan. Our secret to success has been maintaining excellent service delivery and consistently offering top-of-the-range electric fences.


Keep unwanted intruders at bay with our electric fences.


Stay one step ahead with advanced intruder detection.


Ensure your property’s boundaries are impenetrable.

Our Journey

Voltage Electric Fencing was initially founded with a focus on the installation of iView and CCTV camera systems, making an early mark on the security industry. After a year in this ever-demanding industry, a need for professionally installed and serviced electrified fencing was identified, and Voltage took advantage of the gap in the market.

Over the years, the company has grown from a small business to the household brand it is today.

Our secret to success has been service! We benefitted from team members with a technical background, allowing us to apply actionable knowledge and skills to Voltage Electric Fencing.

Peace of mind is a luxury you CAN afford to have!

Peace of mind is often seen as a luxury, a state of serenity that seems to be reserved for those with means. We are here to shatter this misconception, believing that peace of mind is not just a luxury but a necessity and, more importantly, a state everyone deserves, and CAN afford to have.

Our extensive portfolio comprises clients from diverse sectors, including developments, estates, industrial and residential areas across the Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, and the Helderberg region. Our completed projects serve as a testament to the quality and reliability of our services, reinforcing our commitment to providing peace of mind to all our customers.

We understand that maintaining secure boundaries is not a one-time task, and offer monthly maintenance contracts for complexes and commercial properties to ensure that your assets remain protected at all times. These contracts are designed with flexibility, allowing you to choose a plan that best suits your needs and budget.