Electric Fencing Compliance

In South Africa, where news of crime is an unfortunate daily occurrence, electric fencing is an essential security measure for residential and commercial properties. However, many overlook the compliance these systems require! Meeting electric fencing compliance regulations is crucial to ensure the safety of the property owners and the general public.


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Electrical Fence Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

Ensuring that your installation meets all legal requirements is not just a matter of law but also a matter of safety and peace of mind. Electric fences could pose a significant risk of injury without proper installation, operation, and clear warning signs. A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) verifies that your electrified fencing system fully adheres to relevant regulations and is a testament to the quality of your installation.

According to Regulation 12(4) of the Electrical Machinery Regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, issuing an electric fence certificate is mandatory whenever ownership of a property with an existing electric fence changes. This means that if you plan to sell your residential or commercial property, having a CoC is mandatory to ensure that the electric fence on the property is safe, legal, and up to standard.

Voltage Electric Fencing is Proudly Compliant!

We comply with the Electrical Machinery Regulations Act requirements: SANS 10222-3 and SANS 60335-2-76. As an accredited installer, we are registered with the Department of Labour and SAEFIA (South African Electrified Fencing Installers Association). Our team has also undergone the necessary training to execute flawless installation and is certified to do so. We issue a Certificate of Compliance with every new installation to further this commitment.

electric fencing compliance

We are accredited installers registered with the Department of Labour and SAEFIA, and all installations and equipment adhere to the regulations determined by the SABS and Government Gazette SANS 10222-3 Edition 5.

This controls the erection of a non-lethal electrified fence.


We Meet Regulated Requirements
With Every Installation!

Every installation we undertake complies with the following stipulations per the legal requirements for electric fencing (SANS 60335-2-76).


The minimum wall height of a private property secured with electric fencing must be 1.5 meters.


Upright brackets can be installed without any limitations on height, while angled brackets should not exceed 45 degrees and must be installed inside the boundary wall.


Consent of the neighbour must be in place before installing angle brackets.


Fences must be installed and operated in a manner that does not pose an electrical hazard.


An energiser must not electrify barbed or razor wire materials.


Fences installed along public roads or pathways must be clearly marked with yellow warning signs at intervals not exceeding 10 meters.


All gates and access points secured with electric fencing must also utilise warning signs.


Gates must be designed to open/close without potential shock.


Posts used for this fencing must only have a maximum of 3 metres between them.


Earth spikes must be installed every 30 metres, with a minimum of three.

Homeowners can face civil and criminal liabilities for injuries caused by their property’s electrical fencing, emphasising the gravity of ensuring safety measures. When correctly installed by our team, an electric fence poses no danger. However, choosing a non-compliant installer could result in a defective transformer, leading to potential electrical shocks. Non-compliant installation exposes significant risks, such as potentially rejected insurance claims and impeded property sales.

Professional Electric Fencing Compliance Inspections

If you’re planning to sell your property, you must provide a valid Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance before the property transfer can be finalised. Updated regulations mandate that homeowners require an electric fence CoC for property sales and any new modifications or installations to ensure that all changes to electric fencing systems adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Voltage Electric Fencing is a certified electric fence installer in and around Cape Town. Our team can provide a CoC for new and existing installations. We pride ourselves on prompt service and are ready to provide a quote for a CoC upon request, thus making the process hassle-free for clients intending to sell their properties.

Choose us, where safety meets compliance!

We specialise in providing electric fencing compliance certificates to ensure your electric fences meet all legal and safety requirements. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a thorough inspection and provide the necessary certification for your peace of mind. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your property’s electric fence is compliant, safe, and ready for any property transaction.