Electric Fences: Your Property’s Best Defence!

An electric fence is more than just a physical barrier – it’s psychological! Electric fences work by delivering a non-lethal shock to discourage trespassers. The shock delivered is high voltage but low amperage, making it safe yet effective. Our solutions are afforded fast installation and require minimal maintenance, making them an excellent security solution for any environment.


How Can We Assist?

Comprehensive fencing installations.


Professional repairs and maintenance


Flawless upgrades to improve security.

Power up your perimeter protection

We ensure adherence to all relevant safety regulations and execute professional installation to guarantee flawless operation. If you are looking for a modern, efficient way to secure your residential or commercial property, Voltage Electric Fencing is the answer.

Electric fences

Our fences are designed to detect illicit attempts to breach your property’s boundary. If the fence is cut or short-circuited, it sends a signal to the energiser, triggering a piercing alarm. This siren alerts the property owner or the armed response team. More often than not, this sound is enough to dissuade intruders, as the fear of being caught on-site becomes too great.


The presence of an electric fence is a powerful deterrent to potential intruders. The mere prospect of overcoming this initial barrier, before even encountering alarms, CCTV cameras, or guard dogs, is usually enough to frustrate most thieves. The non-lethal voltage emitted also adds to this by delivering a potent shock to discourage further contact.


An electric fence serves to delay intruders by compelling them to spend extra time finding ways to circumvent the barrier. The delay disrupts the intruder and increases their detection risk, enhancing the property’s overall security. As such, properties equipped with this security measure often experience fewer intrusions, providing additional protection and peace of mind.

How Do Electric Fences Work?

An energiser is a device that transforms power into a potent, high-voltage pulse. This electrifying pulse surges along an insulated fence wire and delivers a startling sensation when a person or animal touches the fence. Touch completes the circuit, triggering a pulsating shock that prevents attempts to cross the fence line.

Electric fencing doesn’t continuously course electricity through the fence. Instead, the energiser is designed to release intermittent electrical pulses. This design guarantees safety while simultaneously providing a formidable deterrent against boundary violations.

The Smart Security Choice!

Installing an electric fence offers extensive benefits, making it an excellent choice for enhancing property security.



They are relatively cost-effective compared to other forms of perimeter security, such as high walls or advanced surveillance systems. They require less material to construct and maintain, making them an affordable yet highly effective solution.



They can be installed on various properties, from residential homes to commercial premises, farms, and industrial sites. They can also be customised to fit different property sizes and shapes, making them a versatile security option.


Low Maintenance

They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and require minimal maintenance compared to traditional fences. Regular checks to ensure the voltage is at the correct level and occasional wire tightening is usually all that is needed.



Given appropriate attention and upkeep, these fences demonstrate remarkable longevity. Their resistance to problems that typically plague traditional fencing further bolsters their durability, underscoring the value of investing for long-term security.

The Safety of An Electric Fence

While the term’ electric fence’ may conjure up the fear of “danger”, it is essential to understand that these fences are designed with safety in mind. Contrary to initial assumptions, this solution poses minimal risk to humans and animals. The shock delivered is painful but non-lethal, serving as a powerful deterrent rather than a harmful threat. However, safety measures must be followed when installing and using them.

Keeping these fences away from high foot traffic areas, not combining electrified and barbed wire fencing, and ensuring proper energiser grounding are all necessary. When installed by our professional team, this security measure provides an effective and safe solution. The ideal fence brings together safety, security, and reliability – which we aim to provide to all of our clients.

Don’t Just Build a Fence, Electrify It.

Safety is not just a priority but a fundamental right. Yet, in an ever-changing world marked by unpredictability, it can feel like anything but a guarantee. The reality is that risks and threats persist, often lurking where we least expect them. However, this doesn’t mean we are powerless against these challenges! Merely building a fence is no longer sufficient.

Electric fences add a layer of security that works around the clock, effectively protecting your residential and commercial property. These fences serve as a formidable line of defence, deterring potential intruders and providing an immediate alert system. While the need for such measures may seem disheartening, it is important to remember that these tools do not symbolise fear but empowerment. They allow us to take our safety into our own hands, providing peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy our lives without constant worry.