About my Electric Fence

A Voltage Electric Fence is your first line of defence against burglars & opportunists wanting to gain access to your property and it also serves as a cat deterrent – keeping your cat/s inside and other cats out.

A Voltage electric fence, not only offers your family security and peace of mind, but also adds value to your property.

When installing a new Voltage electric fence around your property, it is important that you get a reliable and honest installation company that uses quality materials and installs the fence correctly as per the latest SANS requirements and that a Certificate of Compliance is issued on completion.

This certificate needs to be issued by the company that installed your electric fence as it is illegal for an installer to outsource a Compliance Certificate.

When buying a property that has an electric fence it is of vital importance that the fence has a valid Certificate of Compliance – this is valid for 2 years from date of installation or 2 years from date of inspection and should be issued on transfer of the property – this is a national SANS regulation.

The Compliance Certificate needs to be signed off by a person registered at the Department of Labour with a valid registration number – this will ensure that your fence has been checked and is in 100% working order at the date when Certificate was issued.

Fence maintenance:

  • It is of vital importance to ensure that all trees and vegetation are always cut back at least 200mm from fence lines, as trees touching the fence could cause your fence to arc and cause false alarms and damaged to the energizer and battery.
  • We recommend that you service your fence annually to ensure that it is operating as it should by testing the fence voltage, testing the battery, testing the siren and re-doing the HT joints.

Voltage offers various back up power solutions namely Back up Power Packs, UPS’s and Lithium 7amp 12V batteries to ensure that your fence stays on for longer periods of time when we have loadshedding

  • Voltage recommend that a Night Light gets installed on the fence line – this light flashes each time a pulse runs on the fence lines, you are able to see that your fence is on instead of having to look on the energizer.
  • Voltage recommends that you link your Electric Fence to your armed response and alarm systems – you don’t require your alarm company for this; Voltage can assist.
  • When turning your energizer off DO NOT unplug the unit at the wall – this reduces the battery life – swipe your magnetic tag across the energizer if you have the Druid Range or use your remote to turn the energizer off and then unplug safely, you turn the energizer on in the same manner.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Voltage Team should you require assistance or maintenance to your fence.

Voltage is registered with the Department of Labour #:- 0039 and are approved installers of Stafix & Nemtek products.