Voltage Electrified Fencing Cape Town and Western Cape



A high voltage shock combined with a physical barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence. The detecting ability of a Voltage electric fence energizer will sound an alarm when the perimeter of the property being protected has been infiltrated. By keeping the perimeter protected using an electric fence, the attempted break in of the protected area is delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.


Security Fence Energizers


Druid Range - Local unit


LCD display shows information which is quick and easy to read

The background colours of the LCD display, give a quick glance indication of the energizer status without the user having to approach the unit in order to read the display. For example 'green' indicates all is fine, 'orange' indicates that attention is required and 'red' indicates an alarm condition. The coloured lights are visible from a distance, and are quick to spot

The Druid LCD range can accept up to two keypads to remotely control the energizer

Quick walk test mode on the system offers the installer a quick test facility to walk the fence and test it

High voltage monitor will alarm when the live wires are tampered with

Earth wire monitor alarms when there is tampering with the earth wires

Easy to use tag switch for controlling the unit if the keypad option is not used

Connectable to an armed response radio

Gate monitor input monitors the position of the gate to indicate if the gate is open

Lightning and power surge suppression built in to reduce the possibility of damage due to power surges

Internal battery backup system in case of power failure

Intelligent power saving to extend the battery life and save energy

Pakton Z Range - Australian import


The JVA Z series was designed to meet the harsh and demanding environment of the South African security market. No other country on earth uses electric fences for perimeter security to the extent they are used in South Africa.

The Z series case was designed by leading Australian industrial designers, Fortec.

The electronics were designed by Paul Thompson, arguably the industries leading innovator, inventor of the Electric Fence Power Probe and holder of many patents in the area of electric fences.

The range includes the:
Z14 Single channel standard or Bi-Polar 4J energiser
Z14R As above with control relay outputs
Z18 Single channel standard 8J energiser
Z28 Dual channel standard 8J energiser

Wall Brackets
Voltage electrified fencing brackets are made of the highest quality available to maximize your security and the life span of your electric fence. The bracket forms an integral and very important part of the Voltage security electric fence. The level of security achieved is directly affected by the choice of bracket, the number of wires forming the electrical barrier and the distance between the brackets.
Voltage offers you a wide range of brackets to suit your wall type and the required application. All brackets are hot dipped galvanized for the coast and can be powder coated to match your wall colour. Standard colours are as follows, plain galvanized (silver finish), white and black.
Special brackets can be designed to compliment your home.

5 & 6 line PVC round bar

• 10mm PVC coated,
• Electro galvanised round bar
• Available in black or white


5 - 10 line flat bar

• 5mm flat bar wall top brackets
• Available straight or angled
• Available in black or white
• Powder-coated or HD galvanised

5 - 10 line square tube

• 19mm square tube wall-top brackets
• Available straight or angled
• Available in black or white
• Powder-coated or HD galvanised
• Most durable bracket available


5 & 6 line profile bracket

• Angled profile for added security
• Bracket fitted with base plate for secure
   attachment to the wall


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